At the start of the Global Pandemic the need araised for a remote learning platform for over 1000 students of Alexander Road High School.

In a short space of 2 weeks and no formal Web Design Programming experience, this site was put together with the input of our fantastic staff and the feedback of students of Alex.

Today it has evolved into a full-time application and use by both Students and Parents, with work being taught in class being uploaded on a daily basis. These giving students access to any missed work and parents insight into their children’s academic curriculum and ability to upload all assignments and work to their respective teachers, bringing us closer to a paperless environment saving the precious oxygen generating trees.

Integrated Telegram channels per grade and subject, immediate notification of all new work posted, and a 24-hour support channel for both students and parents.

The Alex VIP Site was uniquely named as we feel each and every member of the Alex Family, Staff, Students, and Parents are VIP’s and as such are treated with respect and dignity.

There Remote Learning Channel and Notice Portal we Design and Developed by Mr Recht van Huyssteen of our very own internal IT Department with highly diligent and knowledgable staff. We are one of the ultimately few schools in the country to have a fully-fledged IT department, with all Technical IT-related requirements are developed, designed, and deployed in-house with little or no outside corporate support, saving the school on funding requirements for professional services.

All Sites and services are locally hosted on-site with our team building, developing, deploying, and managing the servers internally. We are privileged to have 7 state of the art computer lab teaching venues for students to expand their knowledge both in Computer Application Technology and IT Programing (Delphi and Java).

We always welcome suggestions to improve our supporting methods to the Alex Community and should you feel you have an idea that may just fit in, please contact us via our “Contact Us” page.