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Auditions Material 2021

Click on the links below to download the PDF parts: Strings Excerpts WB and CB 1 Libertango WB and CB 2 Star Wars

Audition Results

Dear Alexans Well done to all those who auditioned.  The effort and trouble you went to is not unnoticed.  Many of you REALLY WENT TO TOWN and provided us with a good laugh!  NICE ONE OKES!!! Some auditions have still […]

Band and Orchestra Auditions 2020

The music staff are making plans for the bands and orchestra to return to rehearsals in 2021. To this end, we need to hold our annual band auditions. Due to coronavirus we cannot do this in person and so anyone […]

West Side Story Virtual Orchestra

West Side Story Virtual Orchestra Instructions  To record your video you will need two devices: one device to play the backtrack and another device to record your performance. You can use any combination of a desktop or laptop computer, a […]

Concert Band – Virtual Band – Shine

Hi Concert Band, I think you’ve had long enough to get back into school work, and I’ve heard that some of you are missing band. While this isn’t as good as an actual band rehearsal, it will have to do. […]