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Grade 8 NS June exam scope 2023

Mid-Year Exam Information

Seating Plans November 2022

Gr8 Videos and Notes

Posting links to the 1. Chemistry videos 2. Chemistry notes (Teacher’s version with all words filled in. 3. June 2021 exam + memo 8 NS EXAM June 2021 LS & PE + memo 8 Chemistry 2022 TEACHER’s version

Grade 8+9 Afrikaans/isiXhosa Exam Venues

Grade 8 Term 1 Assessment Calendar

Grade 8 Exam Venues November 2021

Grade 8 November 2021 Exam Scope

Gr8 Science Videos on Light

Hi All Gr8’s There are 4 videos on the section of light. Best watched in the order listed below: 1 Introduction 2 Colour 3 Reflection 4 Refraction

Grade 8 NS work schedule 23rd August to 10th September

Grade 8 Term 3 Tests

Gr8 Notes and last test with MEMO

Good Day all Gr8’s Here are the links to: 1. The Chemistry Notes in case you have not filled everything in. 2. The last test you wrote with the MEMO at the end. 8 Chemistry Notes 2021 with answers 8 […]

Separation mixtures video

This is the video with the separation of mixtures clips. Also examined next week.

Chemistry Videos

Chemical reaction video. 5 reactions that are examined next week

Grade 8 June Exam Scope

All term 1 work  (Term 1 booklet from pg 2 – 38) Term 2 work (Chemistry booklet from page 2 to 14) Please not pg. 17 is not part of the scope of the exam.

Grade 8 Term 2 (grade test) scope

The grade 8 NS term test will be written between the 4th and the 10th of June. Your  subject teacher should inform you of the dates for the blue and green groups. A test schedule for each class grouping  is […]

Gr8 NS Scope of work for November test

Physics: p1-21 i.e. Electrostatics and Electrical Systems up to the Chemical Effect. Chemistry: p1-15 i.e. Atomic structure, Periodic Table, Classification of matter and separation of mixtures by physical means, five examples of chemical reactions and introduction to Particle Model of […]


We are busy working through the Chemistry notes. There are two videos to watch 1. Separation of mixtures 2. Gr8 Chemical reactions

Gr 8 Chemistry Notes

Gr8 Chemistry – term test Chemistry p1-14 Physics P1-13 There are videos on chemsitry: Separation of mixtures and Chemical reactions. [pdf-embedder url=”” title=”8 Chemistry 2020 after lockdown TEACHER’s”]

Gr8 NS

The Gr8 NS notes have been publish 8 NS Lessons 1-21 ALL PHYSICS TOGETHER (this was encourage to be done during lockdown) 8 Chemistry 2020 (after lockdown) Teacher’s version so all the answers are included . When we’ve finished these […]

Natural Science Lesson 20 to 22

8 NS Lesson 9&10 Effect of elec cont…

8 NS Lessons 17-19 Light colours, filters and paint

8 NS Lessons 4&5 Static Electricity

8 NS Lessons 6-8 Energy transfers in elec circuits

8 NS Lessons 11-13 Series & Parallel Circuits

8 NS Lesson 15-16 Light

8 NS LIGHT all together