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Grade 8 – Life Orientation – June exam scope

What to learn for exams in term 2 Gr8

Mid-Year Exam Information

Seating Plans November 2022

Grade 8 Life Orientation Scope November 2022

The scope for the examination is below. Please contact the respective LO teachers for any queries.

Physical Education Grade 8 – 10 Term 3

Below is the schedule for Phys Ed this term. Please be aware of when your class will have a session.

Grade 8+9 Afrikaans/isiXhosa Exam Venues

Grade 8 LO Resources Exam May/June 2022

Below are the PowerPoint presentations for the various modules that will be examined. These should be used in conjunction with the textbook and any notes. G8 Module 1 Self-concept formation G8 Module 3 Relationships and Friendships G8 Module 4 Different […]

Grade 8 Exam Scope LO May/June


UPDATED on 5 APRIL The schedule for next term’s physical education is below. Please check what day your class has phys ed and remember to bring your clothes with you that day. The uniform for phys ed is: house shirt […]

Grade 8 Term 1 Assessment Calendar

Physical Education Timetable Term 1 2022

Physical education sessions start on 10 February. Please check for your day and lesson. There will be two sessions for each class this term. Please ensure that you have a HOUSE shirt, brown shorts or skort, and suitable shoes. Any […]

Grade 8 Exam Venues November 2021

Grade 8 LO Exam Scope

Grade 8 Life Orientation Update

As we reach the end of the year, we have minimal theory left for LO. There are still some sections on Phys Ed to cover. There will be an examination guide uploaded soon. All PowerPoints from the year can be […]

Grade 8 Life Orientation Term 3 update

Update on term work. Learners would have received their projects by now and some have their due dates in the following week. The project is available on a post further down. The next cycle of work will be on Environmental […]

Grade 8 Term 3 Tests

Previous Powerpoints (Term 1 and 2) – Grade 8 LO

G8 Module 1 Self-concept formation G8 Module 3 Relationships and Frienships G8 Module 4 Different Learning Styles G8 Module 5 Learning styles careers

Grade 8 Term 3 Project

The project for this term is all about creating an item made out of 100% recycled materials. The classes will all have different due dates. As they become available, this post will be updated. Current due dates: 8J Blue: 24/8 […]

Grade 8 Life Orientation Work TERM 3 and 4

Here is the work schedule and exercises for the rest of the year for Grade 8. Each section is completed in a cycle, that is a day 1 through to a day 7. There is also a project for this […]

Grade 8 Term 2 Assessment

This term there is no examination for Life Orientation. In place of an examination, there is a project based on Term 1 and Term 2 work. The project consists of 4 sections. There are specific instructions for layout and what […]

Grade 8 Examinable Content LO

Life Orientation Physical Education Task Compulsory

The Physical Education for this term is a task. You are required to create an exercise program to suit your needs. Submission can be as a hard copy or via email. You can email your teacher directly: Ms Horsley: […]

Grade 8 Life Orientation Work Plan

This is the adjusted work plan for the remainder of the year. Like everything this year, elements are fluid and we will keep you updated of any other changes. Questions or queries can be sent to Please note that […]

Grade 8 Life Orientation Project *UPDATED*

This is the UPDATED version of the Fun and Games Challenge for Grade 8 Life Orientation. Your teachers will provide you with the due date according to your respective classes. Any queries please email or CURRENT CLASS DUE […]

Grade 8 LO August Game Challenge

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Life Orientation YouTube Channel

Life Orientation Physical Education