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10 Science – Ticker Tape Analysis of accelerating trolley

Below is the url for Gr10 ticker tape analysis

10 Science

Hi All The following are the links to the Reactions in Aqueous Solution that we are busy with. Watch the a few times until you can remember the observations and write the equations

Hall Seating Plans – May/June 2022

May-June Exam Scope

  Work to be Examined – MAY/JUNE 2022 Physical Sciences – GRADE 10   Paper 1 (physics): Measurement & Proportionality (chapter 1) Waves (chapters 7, 8 and 9) Electromagnetic Radiation (chapter 10) Electrostatics (chapter 15) Electric Circuits (chapter 16)   […]

Grade 10 Term 1 Assessment Calendar

Grade 10 Exam Seating Plans November 2021

Work to be examined November 2021

Videos on Reactions in Aqueous Soutions

Hi All Gr10& 11 Science pupils There are 8 videos on Reactions in Aqueous Solutions. It is the section left out this year and last year. It’s a pity because its the section where you see lots of reactions. So […]

10 Science Prac WorkSheet

Hi All For those isolating or mislaid your worksheet. Follow the link for the worksheet10 Prac Ticker Tape 2021 for printing

Gr 10 Science PRAC : Analysing Ticker Tape of Accelerating Trolley

Hi All The Practical is about analyzing the data on the Worksheet. There is a video explaining the theory and analysing a ticker tape. At the end there is data given for you to analyze. We have run out of […]

Ticker Tape Timer Prac

  Please watch the following video on the ticker tape timer and use the values at the end of the video for your own calculations in the prac:    

Grade 10 Term 3 Tests

Term 3 Chapters

Physical & Chemical Changes   Quantatative aspects of Chemical change (Stoichiometry – Mole Ratio Calculations)   Vectors, Motion and Energy (final section for 2021)

Grade 10 Seating Plans June 2021

June 2021 Assessment: content to study


Transverse:   Longitudinal:

Electromagnetic Radiation

Circuit electricity

Chemical Bonding (2021)

    Home Lesson 1: Do Think Tank 4, pg.84, Q 4 ; 6.  Watch the video on metallic bonds and fill in the blank spaces on the class lesson 1 slides. (Video sourced from The video will also contain […]

Term 1 Test 1

  Science Test on 15/16 March: Measurement (Chapter 1) Matter and Classification (Chapter 2) Kinetic Molecular Theory & Phase Change (Chapter 3) All work covered in the practical     Past Papers (for practice):   February 2020:   February 2019: […]

Isotopes: Calculating Relative atomic mass

Heating Curve of Water Prac

  Please remember that all explanations must be written in your own words.   Heating Curve of Water (with explanations):   Boiling Water at a Lower Temperature (from Mr McEwan):   Boiling Water at Room Temperature (from YouTube):   Evaporation Causes […]

States of Matter & KMT

  Phase Changes: (Video sourced from   States of Matter & Brownian Motion: (Video sourced from More videos on Brownian Motion can be found at:  

November Examination scope (what to study)

Examination date: 24 November 2020 Note: All learners are writing at the same time, at school (home learners to attend school for all examination sessions) See the scope below:

Grade 10 Science Electric circuits

Quantitative Aspects of Chemical Change (Stoichiometry)

  Powerpoint Presentation:   6/7 October Lesson:   8/9 October Lesson:   9/12 October Lesson:

Grade 10 Science Chemical Equation writing (revision)

Grade 10 Physical Sciences Term Test announcement

Grade 10 Test for SBA Marks (Study-from-home LEARNERS to be at school as well) – Dates: Tuesday, 29 September (Blue group) and Wednesday, 30 September (Green group). All learners to be at school, or present a medical certificate. – Content: […]

Ticker Tape Practical

Download and print the Prac sheet (see below) and then watch the video, where everything is explained – see the separate post on the Grade 10 page, Ticker Tape Analysis VIDEO. You must copy the data from the last part of […]

Ticker Tape Analysis VIDEO

Gr 10 Science Watch the ticker tape analysis video. You are to analyse the data at the end of the video.