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Hall Seating Plans – May/June 2022

GR10 Moppies, ghoemas and more, p.54-55 recordings

Mr Broccardo – Gr 10 Orchestration Ex 1

I have “orchestrated” bars 9-12 (including the ANACRUSIS) for (Piccolo), Violin and Cello.  Now your job is to orchestra the next 4 bars for the same instruments. Go back and listen to the original ( just the first 35 seconds).  […]

Grade 10 Term 1 Assessment Calendar

Grade 10 Exam Seating Plans November 2021

GR10 Subject Music November exam 2021

Spatial Audio Examples

Mono – the same audio comes from both speakers/earphones. Music – Pride Lands of Arabia by Michael Keihl Stereo – different audio in each ear. Music – Pride Lands of Arabia Binaural – stereo, but recorded in a way that […]

Grade 10 Term 3 Tests

The Importance of Programme Notes

Listen to this short (15 sec) excerpt. This is from a real piece of music. It probably doesn’t make much sense to you. A large part of that is because you are hearing it out of context. This is a […]

Gr 10 – Subject Music – PAT 1 Concert Performance

Due Date This PAT must be completed by the 15th of March, 2022. This is the scheduled date of the concert. Gr 11s will be organising the concert and so will inform you of dates in more detail. To summarize the […]

GR10 Music Literacy Term 3: Sections 1-9

GR10 Subject Music Term 3: Lesson Plan AGC&BCH

Gr 10, 11, 12 – Music – Prac Aural Quiz 2- Clapping

Take the quiz here to practice your clapping and see how well you’re doing.

Gr 10, 11, 12 – Music Technology Aural Quiz 1

Take the quiz here and test yourself with identifying triads! This is not for marks, just a practice quiz for the Prac Exams.

Grade 10 Seating Plans June 2021

GR10 Subject Music GMK Rock & Pop Music

Rock and Pop music: Study p. 86-90 in your textbook and listen to the following recordings:

GR10 June 2021 Exam Criteria

GR10 Subject Music ML Workbook 2 Section 7

GR10 Subject Music ML Workbook 2 Section 6

Gr 10 – Music Technology – Virtual Ensemble Recordings

I have chosen these projects for us to record as virtual ensembles so that everyone gets a chance to play for at least one project. Instructions Listen to the backtrack with earphones from one device. With a second device, record […]

Gr 10 – Music Technology – End of May

In the Music Technology lessons at the end of May we had 3 objectives: Preparing orchestrations for virtual ensemble This was based on this video, but using MuseScore instead. Once the projects are handed in I will choose a few […]

GR10 Subject Music ML Workbook 2 Section 4 Video lesson

GR10 Subject Music ML Workbook 2 Section 4

GR10 Subject Music Lesson Plan Term 2 BCH & AGC

GR10 Subject Music – GMK Indian Music

INDIAN MUSIC: Study p.68-70 in your textbook and listen to the following recordings: Jai Ho from Slumdog Millionaire 2. Ravi Shankar & Anoushka Shankar 3. How the tambura is played 4. How the mridangam is played        

Gr 12 Concert Performance

Concert Video The Gr 12s have recorded their concert performance (PAT 1). It is available here. Reviews Use this link to review the performances Gr 12s must review at least THREE performances, as well as their own performance (in the […]

Gr 10, 11, 12 – Subject Music – Practical Aural Triads

These pictures and audio examples can be a reference for how to sing the different triads that you need for your practical aural exam. Practice these examples starting on different notes. Gr 10 should be able to sing Major and […]

Gr 10,11,12 – Subject Music – Practical Aural Sightsinging

These sightsinging exercises are what we use in class. Practice these as often as you can, and get used to the solfa, as it really helps to hear the intervals. Sight singing solfa exercises  

Orchestration example

This picture is an example of how I can mark the piano score to plan my orchestration. One of the best techniques orchestrators can use is deciding which instruments get what notes from our score. Some orchestrators tend to write […]

Gr 10 – Music Tech – Orchestration instruments data sheet

In class we discussed getting to know the instruments that we are orchestrating for. At the bottom of this article is a link to the spreadsheet that you can refer to when writing your orchestrations. Your job is to fill […]