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Hall Seating Plans – May/June 2022

Grade 10 Term 1 Assessment Calendar

Grade 10 Exam Seating Plans November 2021

Exam Breakdown November 2021

Grade 10 Term 3 Tests

Grade 10 Seating Plans June 2021

June Exam Scope

June Exam Scope

Paper 2 Exam Scope

Paper 1 Exam Scope

Energy flow, trophics levels and cycles


Grade 10 Test 3 Content to Study

Biosphere, Biomes and Ecosystem Note

Gr10 LS_Additional resources (Biosphere, Biomes and Ecosystems))

Gr10 LS_Additional resources (Transport in animals)

Transport In Animals – Circulation

Gr10 LS_Additional resources (Support and movement in animal and activity memos)

Gr10 LS_additional resources (transport and support in plants and activity memos)

Gr10 LS_Additional resources (Transport from soil to root and through root)

Gr10 LS_Additional resources (Video on plant organs and support)

Grade 10 Updated assessment dates

Gr10 LS_additional resources (Animal tissues)

Gr10 LS_Additional Resource (Plant tissues pictures)

Gr10 LS_Additional Resource_Connective tissue Video

Gr10 LS_Additional resource_ Animal Tissue (Epithelial video)

Gr10 LS_Additional resource_Plant tissue video

Gr10 LS_Additional resource – Plant tissue internal leaf diagram

Grade 10 – Life Sciences – Transport in Plants

Grade 10 – Life Sciences – Plant Organs and Support in Plants