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Hall Seating Plans – May/June 2022

Grade 10 English Term Two Work

📆Planner 🖊️Essay – 28 and 29 April 📖Unprepared Reading  ✍🏾Paper 1 Language Exam (Date TBC) ✍🏾Paper 2 Setwork Exam (Date TBC)     Argumentative Essay Sample Notes: Argumentative and Discursive Essays 📒Transactional-formats-booklet 📽️Video: Part One – Literature Essay 📽️Video: Part […]

Grade 10 Term 1 Assessment Calendar

Grade 10 English Term One Work

📆Planner 👂Listening Comprehension 7 Feb 💬Prepared Speech 8 Feb ✍🏾Language Test 16 Feb ✉️Formal Letter Test 21 Feb 📽️Video: TED’s Secret to Great Public Speaking 📒Transactional-formats-booklet 📽️Video: Part One – Literature Essay 📽️Video: Part Two – Literature Essay 📓Notes: Literature […]

Grade 10 Exam Seating Plans November 2021

Grade 10 – English – Setwork Essay Revision

Grade 10 – English – Examinable Content

Grade 10 Term 3 Tests

Grade 10 Term Three Work (Latest update 30/08)

Literature Project Instructions – 1 and 2 September Unprepared Speaking – Week 6 onwards Term Planner 🎬 Video: Reapers in a Miellie Field ✏️ Worksheet: 📝 Memo: 🎬 Video: by your own definition ✏️Worksheet: by your own definition 📝 Memo: […]

The Mark contextual questions and memo

The Mark contextual questions The Mark contextual questions MEMO

Setwork essays Powerpoint PDF (Ms Simpson)

Setwork essays Powerpoint PDF (Ms Simpson)

Grade 10 Seating Plans June 2021


Please see attached document for full scope to be covered.  Please make use of to play and try things out.  Please also approach me if you have questions.   Thanks Mr Broccardo

Grade 10 – English – Examinable Content

Grade 10 June 2021 Exam Content

Grade 10 – English – Work for pupils at home 25 – 28 May

Editing Exercise 10_11 Editing Exercise Memo 10_11 Grade 10 Comprehension Exercises Grade 10 Unseen Poetry Exercises

Grade 10 Term Two Work

Essay Task: 17 May – 21 May Listening Comprehension: 10 and 11 June Weekly Planner Gr10 Eng Argumentative Essay Notes Gr 10 Eng Argumentative-Discursive-essays Gr 10 Eng Sample Argumentative Essay LiteratureEssaytips.docx Writing a Successful Literature Essay The Mark activities 1-6 […]

Senior English Best Speaker TOP 5

Senior English Best Speaker Competition The following are the top five and will compete in the final round at 17:30 on Wednesday, 24 March in the Auditorium (please arrive 15 minutes before the starting time):   Somila Batyi Tazlynne Carelson […]

Grade 10 English: 1-5 March

Instructions Transactional Writing Booklet (same as last week) Video: Sentence Structure Part One (same as last week) Video: Sentence Structure Part Two  Notes: Sentence Structure The Mark: Activities Chapter 1-6

Grade 10 English: 22 Feb-26 Feb

Transactional Writing Booklet Video: Sentence Structure Part One Notes: Sentence Structure Worksheet: Sentence Structure

Grade 10 – English – Paper 1 Revision

Examinable Content Practice Paper 1 Summary Skills Sentence Structure Sentence Structure Video Part 1 Sentence Structure Video Part 2 Sentence Structure Worksheet Figurative and Stylistic Devices Worksheet  Lesson 1 – Ambiguity and Puns Lesson 2 – Hyperbole and Meiosis Lesson […]

Grade 10 – English – Paper 2 Revision

Exam Content Practice Paper 2 Exam Poetry – The Right Word  The Right Word  Video The Right Word Questions Poetry – by your own definition by your own definition Video by your own definition Questions Poetry – Hope is the Thing with Feathers Hope […]

Grade 10 – English – Paper 3 Revision

Grade 10 English Exam Content Transactional Writing Formats Booklet Argumentative Essay Notes Argumentative Essay Slides Paper 3 Example

Grade 10 – English – 19-23 October

Instructions Exam Content The Mark Activities 7-14 The Mark Activities 15-21

Grade 10 English 12-16 October

Instructions Exam Content Video: Sentence Structure Part Two Sentence Structure Worksheet The Mark Activities Ch1-6

Grade 10 English 5-9 October

Instructions Revision Video – Sentence Structure Revision Activity – Sentence Structure Revision Paper 1  

Grade 10 English 28 September – 2 October

Instructions Video – The Right Word Questions – The Right Word Paper 2 (Literature Paper) Practice Exam Last week’s Paper 1

Grade 10 English 21-25 September

Instructions Revision 2018 Paper 1 Poetry Video – The Warm and the Cold Poetry Questions – The Warm and the Cold  

Grade 10 English 14-18 September

Instructions Poetry Video – by your own definition Poetry Questions – by your own definition Poetry Video – He Wishes for the Cloths of Heaven Poetry Questions – He Wishes for the Cloths of Heaven

Grade 10 – English – 7 -11 September

Instructions Video – Hope is the Thing with Feathers Questions – Hope is the Thing with Feathers Notes – Writing Newspaper Articles Notes – Writing Magazine Articles

Grade 10 – English – 31 August 2020-4 September

Instructions Link to Last Week’s Literature Essay Writing Skills Agenda and Minutes Short Reports