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Hall Seating Plans – May/June 2022

Grade 10 Dramatic Arts: Scope of Work Midyear exams

Herewith the scope of work for the midyear examinations for Drama.  Please read through this thoroughly.  Draw up a study planner for the work and be sure to practice past exam papers both June and November (only look at work […]

Grade 10 Dramatic Arts: PAT 2 SA Monologues

Herewith a selection of monologues for you to peruse!  Make your selection…Print a copy to be placed in your journal…begin the analysis of the piece based on the activities in the Grade 10 textbook.  Learn your words this coming week! […]

Grade 10 Dramatic Arts – Old test papers

Herewith old test questions.  Concentrate specifically on aspects already completed as per the Scope posted previously. There are also questions you can look at on the class notes provided. A copy thereof is also attached:

Grade 10 Dramatic Arts – PAT brief and DUE dates

Herewith PAT 1 brief (already received in class) and the relevant due dates.  Please make sure you plan your work over the coming weeks so as to not be unprepared.

Grade 10 Dramatic Arts – Term 1 PowerPoints

Please see all term 1 PowerPoint presentations:

Grade 10 Term 1 Assessment Calendar

Grade 10 Exam Seating Plans November 2021

Grade 10 -11 Dramatic Arts: Devising Theatre PPT

Herewith the class PowerPoint which deals with the creation of a Themed Programme in a Workshop Theatre environment:

Grade 10 Dramatic Arts: Medieval PPT and videos

Herewith the the class PowerPoint as well as the Crash Course Theatre video presentations we watched:

Grade 11 Dramatic Arts: SA Theatre documentary

Herewith an interesting documentary on the timeline of development and thinking behind SA Theatre.

Alex Showcase 2021: Video performance uploading

So…you have learnt your words and rehearsed your blocking! You are ready to record it and upload? The recording of your performance can be completed using a mobile device or a video camera which supports the use of a memory […]

Grade 10 Dramatic Arts – Work to be examined: PAPER 1 November 2021

Herewith a list of work to be examined in the upcoming Drama Paper 1 (Theory) on 12 November. Please read this document carefully.  Use it as a guide to what to study.  Make study notes on each topic.  It is […]

Grade 10 Dramatic Arts – Final Themed Practical Brief

Herewith the final practical exam brief.  Please read carefully and adhere to all instructions. Break a leg!

Alex Dramatic Arts and Music ONLINE SHOWCASE 2021 – Entry form

Have you been dreaming about what it would be like to be back on stage? Have you often wondered what it would be like to be in the spotlight and capture the audience’s attention with your talent or that speech […]

Grade 10 Dramatic Arts: HOME STUDY WORK 15-20 September

This is the last stretch for PAT 3… You should be finalising your staging for your PAT 3 allegorical play – reminder to apply symbolic design and staging to the staging. Even the names of your characters can be symbolic! […]

Grade 10 Dramatic Arts: Behind the scenes PPT

Grade 10 Dramatic Arts: Home Study 3 – 8 September

You are required to begin the study of the chapter on Behind the Scenes: Journey 5 p65-79; Journey 13 p251-263 Over the next three Home Study lessons you should read and summarise these chapter in a new section in your […]

Grade 10 Dramatic Arts: Home Study 30 August – 2 September

OH THE SYMBOLISM OF IT ALL! You are now en-LIGHT-end as to who the Greeks were and how their theatre practices developed from rituals. We arrive at the end of our studies of Greek Theatre.  As we have noted most […]

Grade 10 Dramatic Arts: Home Study 26 August – 1 September

Symbolism and Motifs in your practical work and the texts we study are placed there for very pointed reasons.  Aristotle spoke of MUSIC and SPECTACLE in his Poetics.  He explained how both were used in supporting the storytelling idea. The […]

Grade 10 Dramatic Arts: Oedipus and related videos


Grade 10 Dramatic Arts: Home Study work 16-23 August

We are almost at the end of our Greek Theatre studies.  Answer these tasks in your notebook under the section on Greek Theatre.  The last few activities related to how the Greeks use of theatre and specifically tragedy to achieve […]

Grade 10 Term 3 Tests

Grade 10 Dramatic Arts – PAT 3 Brief and supporting source material

Herewith the brief for PAT 3 in term 3.  The PAT is a group performance which requires you to have an ensemble of 4-6 players.  You are required to use the Workshop Theatre techniques to create an ensemble written allegorical […]

Grade 10 Dramatic Arts: Oedipus Rex (additional source material)

The following documentaries will help you in your research and understanding of the play and its context:

Grade 10 Dramatic Arts: Oedipus Rex (production)

Grade 10-11 Dramatic Arts: A look behind the scenes of WICKED – the musical!

Here are a few videos which will take you behind the scenes to see how the magic of theatre is made!

Grade 10 Dramatic Arts – Home Study 30 July – 10 August

Let’s get the Greeks done! The traditional theatre masks! An icon of recognised the world over.  These two masks represent two of the original and ancient theatrical genres of TRAGEDY (tragos) and COMEDY (komos or komethia). Read and summarise the […]

Grade 10 Dramatic Arts – HOME STUDY for WEEK 1

Good morning 🌄 welcome to term 3!! Further to our group chat earlier this morning… Today’s home study work for DRAMA is as follows: You are to write a 1 – 2 page self-reflection on your term 2 work that […]

Grade 10 Seating Plans June 2021