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Hall Seating Plans – May/June 2022

Grade 10 – CAT – Seating Plan for 27 May Prac Exam

Please take note of your venue and computer number for your practical exam on the 27 May from 8:30 to 11:00. Please be in the computer quad, by 8:00, to hear instructions.

G10 Word Module 3.7

3.7 Word Column breaks 3.7 Word Columns

G10 Word Module 3.6

3.6 Word Table alignment 3.6 Word Table borders and shading 3.6 Word Table calculations 3.6 Word Table formatting Word search

G10 Word Module 3.5

3.5 Word Bullets and numbering 3.5 Word Bullets 3.5 Word Page header formatting 3.5 Word Paragraph indenting using dialog box 3.5 Word Paragraph indenting using ruler 3.5 Word Soft enter 3.5 Word Tabs Distances file 3.5 Word Tabs Places file

G10 Word Module 3.4

3.4 Word Drop caps 3.4 Word Formatting picture 3.4 Word Page borders 3.4 Word Shapes and grouping 3.4 Word Textbox 3.4 Word Watermark 3.4 Word WordArt

G10 Word Module 3.3

3.3 Word AutoCorrect 3.3 Word Hard spaces 3.3 Word Search and Replace

G10 Word Module 3.2

3.2 Word Formatting with styles 3.2 Word Page numbers 3.2 Word Paragraph formatting

G10 Word Module 3.1

3.2 Word Formatting with styles 3.2 Word Page numbers 3.2 Word Paragraph formatting

Grade 10 Term 1 Assessment Calendar

Grade 10 Exam Seating Plans November 2021

CAT Grade 10 Nov 2021 P1 & P2 Exam Scope


G10 PAT instructions

Module 4.3 videos for test 8 September

4.3 Excel Sorting 4.3 Excel Worksheets 4.3 Excel Analysis CountIf

Module 3.7 Videos for test 07 September

3.7 Word Column breaks 3.7 Word Columns

Grade 10 Term 3 Tests

Grade 10 Seating Plans June 2021

Grade 10 – CAT – Seating Plan for 23 June

All students must take note before the start of the exam which lab they are writing in and which computer they must be seated at. Surnames Abesalie to Loxton, Simonique will be writing in the first session (8:30 – 11am) […]

Grade 10 – CAT – Module 1.7 presentation

1_7 HardwareExt

Grade 10 – CAT – Module 1.6 presentation

1_6 SoftwareExt

Grade 10 – CAT – Module 1.3 presentation

1_3 Hardware

Grade 10- CAT- work for mid-year assessment (June)

Grade 10 CAT Tables videos

3.6 Word Table calculations

Grade 10 DBE Learner Textbooks

Gr10_CAT_Theory_LB_2 Gr10_CAT_Practical_LB_print 19-9-19

G10 CAT PAT Digital Footprint Worksheet

Grade 10 – CAT – PAT Day Sessions

Greetings Grade 10’s The CAT PAT Day takes place on the 18 November and will be held in TWO sessions. The first session is from 8 am to 11 am and the second session is from 11 am to 2 […]

G10 CAT Book DATA files for all activities

Cyberkid Diacritics Diary4March GrassGreener Hectic_Day HerbGarden Invoice Menu Speed Symbols TestimonialCopyPasteDelete DearColleagues EngBookReport Essays InteractingWithComputers Internet Hoaxes MoreMusicGenres2 MusicGenres2 PoemSpell Priorities Sun_and_Moon TeachersInteractingWithComputersBigFive_GrootVyf Distances Drugs Essential Herb Garden info MusicGenres2 Palala Places PractiseIndent PractiseIndent2 PUG_Application RecyclingPaper Stationery_SaleAllergy Apps CalculationsOffice CounterstrikeE […]

G10 CAT Nov 2016 Prac Data Files

1Admin 2Convert 2Planning 3Admin

Grade 10 – CAT – 6 Nov Exam Sessions

This document tells you which session you will be writing in on the 6November for your CAT exam. More details about how it will more will be given to you next term.

Grade 10 Scope 2020