End of Year Exam Information

Mid-Year Exam Information

Grade 9 – Term Two 2023

Week by week schedule Grade 8 and 9 Examinable content Completed Term One: Prepared Reading 25 April: The Giver test TBC: Transactional Writing Test TBC: Exam Transactional formats booklet GET 2022 Practice: Comprehension ✔️Memo: Comprehension Practice: Language Test Conjunctions ✔️Conjunctions […]

Grade 9 – Term One 2023

📆Grade 9 Planner 10 and 13 February: Descriptive Essay (In class) 21 February: Language Test (Comprehension and Visual Literacy) 2 March: Language Test (Summary and Language) Throughout Term: Prepared Reading Descriptive Essay Example Formal letters Speech Malala Yousafzai 📝Practice: Comprehension […]

Seating Plans November 2022

Grade 8+9 Afrikaans/isiXhosa Exam Venues

Term 2

Language: Conjunctions Sentences Pronouns & relative pronouns Visual literacy  Proverbs Portmanteaus Writing Reviews Setwork Poetry Short story structure Short story revision “The Necklace” “The Necklace” questions REVISION June 2021 exam June 2021 exam MEMO

Term 1

Language: Practice comprehension Sentences Summarising Practice language test Neologisms Idioms   Writing Formal letter Speech   Setwork The Giver Folklore introduction Folktales Poetry (TBD)    

Revision material

Grade 9 Language test Apr 2021 Blue  /  Grade 9 Language test Apr 2021 Green Grade 9 Language test Apr 2021 Blue_MEMO  /  Grade 9 Language test Apr 2021 Green_MEMO Grade 9 Language paper Jun 2021 Grade 9 Language paper […]