So…you have learnt your words and rehearsed your blocking! You are ready to record it and upload?

The recording of your performance can be completed using a mobile device or a video camera which supports the use of a memory card; *.mp4 or *.avi or *.mov.

The recording should conform to the following:

  • Performer must face the camera
  • Captured the performer from the waist up in a close up shot.
  • Be aware of the quality of the sound. Make sure that there are no other noises around you that will interfere with the performance and quality of sound.
  • Make sure that the back tracks for songs are clearly audible.  You may mix the sound if you have the facilities to do so by recording the voice and music separately.
  • Keep the size of the file as small as possible…preferably between 20-50MB.
  • Performer must introduce themselves as follows:

My name is…….(Name and Surname)

I am …….. years old and I’m in grade (8i or 9J or 10E, etc)

I will be performing a … (monologue, song, prepared speech) titled, (name of piece or play or speech).

Then begin your performance. Remember to tableau at the beginning and end of the performance.



Once you have recorded the performance, name your video file as follows:


Submit your video by uploading to the VIP site before 23 October.

To upload your file you should:

  1. Login using your school login and password to the site
  2. Click on Student File Upload
  3. SHOWCASE2021 User file upload
  4. Browse your device for the file you wish to upload
  5. Select and upload/submit

The video below will demonstrate how to upload the video to the VIP site. It is a generic video, please do not place your video in the wrong file.